Spirit House Records

Let me begin by saying I'm sorry not sorry for the audio on this latest Episode of the PF Podcast. My amazing guest Johanna Warren took the time in her crazy schedule leading up to her 2016 Fall Tour to stop over and talk about music, life, spirituality, and how she has Co-Founded Spirit House Records to promote all the amazing music coming out of her label. It was so so cool to sit down in the middle of the day to just be real and get a great perspective on Johanna's strong work ethic and passion to make her's and others art a reality and to do it their way! Kudos JW

Check out Johanna's NEW EP Gemini I and catch her if you can here in PDX! She is truly the future of the PDX music scene and the world as well. Amazing music Johanna thanks again for coming by and letting me fuck up the audio and almost ruin it! The Show Must GO On! 



Glasys - Half Full

GLASYS delivers impassioned vocals, intricate keyboard parts and electronic soundscapes in one package that combines his many musical influences.

This fucking guy! Its rare that I'll say that my next guest is the best podcast we've ever had.... Ok I say that every time. But this time I mean it as much as all those other times. Gil Assays hails from Tel Aviv. I had the luck of running into him out in PDX and I was instantly impressed with this guys skills. He transported me to era of one too many bong hits and the Mahavishnu Orchestra cranked to 11 on my CD Walkman. Pure madness. Glasys fresh approach and intense dedication to his craft is a breath of fresh air for us here on the Puckfortland Podcast. 

Thank you Gil for stopping by and we look forward to the release of your new EP The Pressure. Fans of the PF podcast can check out his video and see him live at The Back Room on Sept 17th at 930pm. He will be performing with Coco Columbia and Rare Diagram.

The Back Room is located on  1036 NE Alberta St in PDX

Go check it out people! Thanks for all the listeners out there in podcast land and go to itunes and subscribe and rate our show. We love you for it! 

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Video Credit The Great Abyss

Video directed, shot and edited by John Thompson (Ballooga Media).
Makeup by Keith Abbott.
Featuring Philip Wiseman, Jennifer Wiseman, Gabriella Karp and Daniel Rosen.

Photo Credit Gil Assays Instagram 


Liquid Gold

Whisky or Whiskey? Here at Puckfortland HQ we don't really mind how you spell it as long as you are pouring it. Andrew Finkelman from The Old Gold here in PDX had the chance to speak with us this week about what he knows best. Andrew is not only the best bartender in Fortland but he is also teaching courses on the subject. Whiskey 101 courses start this September so if you are interested in this and want to sign up I would follow @theoldgoldpdx to stay updated on dates and times. From what we learned tonight they sell out really fast so be diligent. We also learned that Whiskey gets you feeling really good really fast, that's probably why Whiskey is the biggest trend happening around the country and world right now. Listen to Andrew tell stories of horrible customers, terrible tippers, and people trying to walk out on their tabs... and that was just the stories he had about me

Grab a glass, a large ice cube and your favorite Old Gold and join us for another fucking unbelievable episode of the Puckfortland Podcast! Enjoy it! It's Nice

Thanks Andrew! Next round is on me!  

Hello Human

You wanna get High Kid?! Well listen to this next episode of the Puckfortland podcast and you just might get a second hand high through your headphones! Dave G stops by from New Vansterdam dispensaries in Beverton OR. Dave was my pick for the very first guest on the Puckfortland Network and I am so happy to finally have the chance to get him on the show. His knowledge of the Cannabis Culture and Industry is second to none and his calm demeanor kept me from freaking the fuck out after three or four different Dab samples. 

Special thanks to our guest producers who helped with this episode. Sam and Courtney have a brand new show coming up on the PF Network so keep your ears on for that later this month. Sam actually steps in and takes us home this show due to the fact that I needed to go check my-shit and could not speak anymore. So thank you Sam for being such a pro! 

Thank you Dave for all you taught us and we cannot wait to have you come back soon! 

Go check out our NEW Sponsor Urban Float in Vancouver WA and if you get the chance book a tank ASAP!  They have a brand new facility in Vantucky and its out of this world good for you! Trust me,  you will love it as much as I do. Urban Float. 


Enjoy It Its Nice


Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkdMB5Kgysg

Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Tj-1qRXRKs

Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWZsoFBcH2M

Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6z48FTnLaE

Chakra Khan

Thanks to Karen Pride of Yoga Pearl for stopping by the show and for sharing her experiences and connecting us to our physical, emotional, mental. and spiritual levels. We had a really easy conversation about life and what it is like living and thriving in Portland. Karen Pride is at heart a pure hustler. She is owner of Yoga Pearl and Prasad restaurants in both NW and NE Portland as well as her newest venture Harlow located at 3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214.  Her love for a healthy happy lifestyle shines thru as she discusses the importance of following your true self and daring to dream big!  Have a listen and follow your inner voice thats telling you to subscribe to the Puckfortland Podcast. Rate for instant Karma! 

Blessings Karen Pride we enjoyed it! 

Photos by 📷 : @ben_moon 


Oh Halal No you didn't just say you have never heard of the Portland Band "Grammies'?! Noah Bernstein also from the infamous Shy Girls and owner of the growingly popular Bernstein Bagels Company came by for a quick min to let us in on a little summertime fun!. His last show with his drummer Dan Sutherland this Wednesday June 1 at Holocene on SE Hawthorne.  Check out some of their performances on the Banana Stand website to really get a feel for this silky unique blend of absolute madness. Or head over to our number one favorite Podcast Other Peoples Songs  to hear how Noah works on his musical abilities just like he does when he's kneading bread for those crispy on the outside chewy on the inside bagels.... Just pressing and flipping, pressing and flippin....

Thanks for stopping in on such short notice Noah! It was a real pleasure talking with you! See you at the show! 


30% More

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On Your Left

It's difficult to answer which bicycle I would covet more if given the chance to purchase an Original Pereira or an Original Ira Ryan. Prior to Breadwinner exploding on the Portland scene three years ago I spent my afternoons at Vendetta watching bike after bike, commuter after commuter and Hamms with a whiskey back go down N Williams one after another after another after another....  

I would pick them out one by one. Theres a Ryan! Theres a Pereira! and I would think to myself. Who the fuck is Sycip Cycles? Needless to say with all those original builds being a thing of the past and all sold off I now turn my addiction towards the BreadWinner line of custom steel frames. With over 40 years of experiences ( ok maybe 15 combined) these two are creating amazing rides in almost every style needed. Go find out for yourself. Do the research. Learn the history.. Spend 5 years in Portland kissing bike culture ass just to maybe someday...Mabey! Someday get the fucking chance to sit down with two Legends of the PDX cycling illuminati!  

Or ...just sit back, relax and listen up because they are next on the Puckfortland Podcast! #enjoyit #itsnice


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Music Intro  Kevin Gates Thought I Heard 


Bare Bones

Matt Hall stopped by to discuss life, art and intentions on the Puckfortland Podcast. 

Go check out his art show (tomorrow)   this Friday the 22nd 2016 at Paxton Gate here in PDX. And follow his work at matthallartpdx.com .  Also go read about Matt Hall at the Portland Monthly if you want to find out more about this amazing local artist. 

People say Art is Dead and in @matthallartpdx is totally true! 

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Oly, Oly, O

"Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Yeah us neither! But I'm pretty sure our next guest on Episode 24 of the Puckfortland Podcast has come pretty fucking close! Welcome former local band leader for Ultra Goat and current marketing guru for Olympia Beer Co. Dave Alderbase not only knows a thing or two about artisan beers but also a tiny bit about road cycling in the Pacific NorthWest. Capt'n Dave as he is so lovingly referred to by his riders leads Portland's largest and most feared cycling squad the Olympia Cycling Team. Dave sits down with us to talk about Beer, Bikes, Beer, Music, Beer, his team and then Beer! So grab a cold one, slide those headphones down over those lonely sober ears and enjoy this next Episode of the Puckfortland Podcast.  Oh yeah and as a bonus we trickled in some old school Ultra Goat tracks for the superfans.... Yeah you're fucking welcome! #Enjoyit #itnice  

Audio Link  :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgn0NXckqQs

Audio Link  :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2VcqffbbH8

Music Link   :    https://www.reverbnation.com/ultragoat

Ready Set PAUSE

Matt Koenig from Rip City's Punk Pop project PAUSE joins us on the Puckfortland Podcast to talk about.... well Everything! Singer and front man for the band Young Turks Matt tells us about his bands six year success story and how re-defining the Turks heavier stylings into a totally Pop Punk wall of sound has launched their newest music project "PAUSE" off into the Portland Weed filled stratosphere! Multi Talented, Multi Versatile ,and Multi Orgasmic this guy is one of my most favorite in the 503. Thanks for making this happen Matt Koenig! See you back soon.

Matt, Gareth, Mason, Jason, and Bryan are PAUSE.

Twitter @mattykftw



Watch live performance from Slabtown here on youtube . Atlantic City

Youtube video Filmed by Matt Gromley


Olá e Adeus

Author and Shredder Jennifer Yih from Smith Optics joins the mix to talk to us about how she is adjusting to the Portland Life. After time spent living in Brazil , Hawaii and the tropical Mid-West Jennifer has found herself here in the PNW. Producer for Portlands newest outdoor company and author of her book Shy Town Girls Yih shares her love for music, travel and life. Follow her @jenniferyih and look for her next time you are up on the Mountain.  She'll be the one dressed up as a fluffy unicorn dinosaur that just flew on by you. Thanks again Jen for stopping in. Mahalo

photo credit @catherineaeppel

Bright Ideas

Please welcome Brian Netherton to the Puckfortland family. Brian is a great friend and established Portland drummer for Wax Edison my new favorite group in the Five Ohh "Fucking" Three! Basically I'm on a beach in Mexico on a beach... did I mention Puckfortland is on the beach? But still despite all the relaxing to be had I'm here with you. You Portland... You thankless mother fuckers!  Because I love you and I love this podcast. Whenever and Wherever and I think You! You should also Portland. 


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Meow or Never

You ever have that feeling that you were not alone? That something or someone is watching your every move but not letting on at all? That feeling of complete helplessness of wanting something so much but no matter how many whisps or lips smacks you make ...nothing... nothing will happen? Until that special moment. That moment you, me, us need to get up! Need to start getting shit done!! Need to finally stand up! Get up! And GET GOING!! 

But then you have it. The thing you've  always wanted. That feeling you were craving this entire time...

A cat.... A cat on your lap.  Yeah......the world can wait. 

Big thanks to Sergio and Kristen Castillo for having us into Purringtons for our first ever Cat Lounge Podcast! I am so excited to come visit with all of your magical friends and amazing staff very very soon! and thank you for all you do for our furry friends! Now sink your claws into Episode 20 of the Puckfortland Meowcast! 

Open Tues - Sun 12pm-8pm •3529 NE MLK, Portland, OR 97211

Photo Credit : @romanahamilton from @purringtonscatlounge


Heart Strings

Adam Snow .jpg

Lone Valkyrie Records Jessi Adele and Adam McBride Smith  hit the Puckfortland podcast studio running with two guitars and a big Ol' Jug of Bushwhacker Cider. We get a little tipsy and talk about the past present and future. Listen to these two amazing musicians play sweet sweet music. We can't thank you enough for gracing our airwaves with your beautiful sounds. Also Bushwhacker Cider is really Fucking Good! Go check them out. 

liner notes, I was so nervous about getting the sound perfect that it came out all weird but then again I might also be able to blame the Cider... Cheers Portland! 


Say Grace

Pro Woman's cyclist Anna Grace Christiansen from team Visit Dallas - DNA takes time off her bike to entertain our questions on the Puckfortland Podcast. She picks apart race strategies, diet, training and boys! Listen and learn people because this is one episode you're not going to wanna miss. Thank you Anna! Yay BIKES!! Also go check out Lets Race Bikes if you are interested in getting into the action Lady's!!  Music -  Evil by Fur Family


Photo Credit @cottonsox_photo Website  

PhotoCredit @Jennlevo Follow on Instagram

Ride or Die

Words? Who's got time for words? Go listen and check out BermStyle.com. Or don't Dummy! #enjoyit #itsnice


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Last Podcast Standing Vol 2

Episode 15 with Portland Comic Jake Silberman. Jake and I had a blast on the PF podcast. As a local comic and stand up showcase host around PDX Jake works and performs with some of the funniest up and coming comics in the game. Listen to us talk about Jakes work with Children and his recent trip via bicycle across the country. Comic, Cyclist, and all around amazing guy Jake Silberman can be caught performing at the Comedy Open Mic at the Alberta Street Pub and also at Migration Brewing for his new showcase Laugh Track. Go out and check the show tomorrow night starting at 7pm at Migration  featuring Crystal Kordowski, Ben Harking, Nariko Ott and Headliner Nathan Brannon. With your host JAKE SILBERMAN!! Enjoyit! Itsnice!