Nǐ hǎo! EPISODE #59 Ningbo China's native son Kangle Lin is our next guest on the PoDX network. Puckfortland recently took to the air and we found ourselves in Shanghai China. We meet up with Kangle Lin on the YANGTZE RIVER and discussed the future of global economy, the current cultural differences between American and Chinese youth and Kangles future as he heads back to the US to attend college in San Fransisco. VLOG host, Valedictorian and future superstar Kangle Lin shares his hopes and dreams to help himself and other navigate through this ever changing world. Thank you BRO for hooking us up with all the best local Shanghai spots and for immortalizing your our image on some M'n'M's bro! Soooo Good! Enjoy it Live from Shanghai next on the Puckfortland Podcast!