Comedian - Mo Mandel

Comedian, Actor, and now Co-Host of the hot new show THE FULL RELEASE PODCAST . Mo Mandel joins us on Puckfortland. Dr. Ashley and Mo give medical advice covering the topics revolving around the urology medical field with professional research and comedic humility. Need to learn more about penis pumps? Every wonder if you could really freeze your balls off? Find these answers and on their hilarious and educational podcast THE FULL RELEASE. Along with his podcast Mo has been a guest on THE FIGHTER AND THE KID, CHELSEA LATELY, CONAN, and COMEDY CENTRAL as well as producing and acting in Los Angeles. He gives us an insiders look at the difficulties of making it and being successful in L.A., and how staying positive makes a big difference. Mo’s stand up has him headed to Portland, OR for a weekend run at Harvey’s Comedy Club this week Feb 28th - March 3. 2019. Go check him out starting this Thursday at 7:30 at Harvey’s located at 436 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97209