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Portland Helmet company founder Michael Morrow is our next guest on Puckfortland, Portland's number #2 podcast! We recently reconnected with Michael here in PDX at the Century Bar while watching basketball. To make it clear I was watching basketball and Mike was talking to himself like a crazy person. Turns out he does that. After a few minutes, I finally acknowledge him and well the rest is history! Michael Morrow and I actually go way back having met in the cycling industry at many events and I have always held him and his company in high regards. Nutcase helmets is a sort of Cinderella story in itself. Most hair brain ideas rarely make it off the napkin but Michaels creative persona and passion to succeed did just that. 

Listen to Michael talk about growing up in "The Center of the Universe" and his time as creative director at Nike. How he started with a helmet made in his garage for the Civil War game and how that grew into an international company. Michael give us great advise on following our passion and how to protect your ass. Valuable lessons he has learned along the way on his amazing journey. Thanks for stopping by Michael and l look forward to more basketball games with you soon! Go Blazers!