Eighty Six on Fifty One

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Freeland Spirits Jill Kuehler and master distiller Molly Troupe spice up the airwaves on episode #51 of the Puckfortland Podcast. We sample their amazing Gin made right here in PDX OR. Jill and Molly discuss their experience starting this company from the ground up and speak about their challenges and inspirations. Most importantly they express the love they put into making such an amazing spirit and the importance of celebrating the little and big things in this life. Family, Friends, Hard Work and Meemaw... It's really that simple. 

Ask for Freeland Spirits wherever you celebrate and enjoy, by far, the best Gin you will ever sink your lips into. 

All the Best Freeland Spirits and don't forget us when you take over the world!! Cheers

Photo Credit: @johnnymet