Runners High "Literally"

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Donate and help us help you!

Donate and help us help you!

My new man crush Brad Pankey from Portland OR-joins us on the 48 edition of the Puckfortland Podcast. An avid runner and boogie boarder Brad approached PF in hopes to discuss the podcast world and what our experience has taught us over past 3 years. Brad's goal is to start his own podcast concerning cannabis and its places in peoples lives. Brad and I talk in depth about how cannabis, weed, trees, broccoli, Mary Jane, that sticky has become a booming industry here in Portland and the need for a podcast to help explain the nuances and sometimes intimidated questions somebody new to cannabis might have.

We salute you Brad Pankey for not only coming on Portlands number 2 podcast but for talking up the passion for the podcast game. We wish you all the luck and support! Speaking of support please go to Puckfortlands NEW homepage and check out the DONATE button. Help us bring more content to the world and keep Puckfortland on more often. A small donation from all of you amazing listens could make all the difference this 2018. Thank you thank you Thank YOU! 

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