Loud and Clear

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Jo Takimba

Heartbeat Sound Systems 

Episode 46 is more of the same.... amazing guest, amazing conversation and all for an amazing way of life. Heartbeat Silent Disco founder Jo Takimba joins us on Puckfortland to tell us about his extremely successful movement w/ Heartbeat Sound Systems. This revolutionary way of experiencing sound, light, and love with your fellow human race without disturbing the old fuddy duddys who just can't stand that "What do you call that? That' that Hip Hop isn't it?"! Whether its an impromptu bridge jam, an Eclipse event with 80k people or your wedding. (Jo lets talk more!) This experience is bar none the best way to bring everyone and everything. together. Look out for the Love Boat silent disco on the Portland Spirit coming up next Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm on Sept the 16th 2017. Purchase your tickets online for a free pair of Heartbeat Sunglasses and have the best silent night/day of your life. Thank you so much, Jo Takimba for helping push Portland

Photo Credit Amarett Jans, Honey_diiip and Heartbeatsoundsystems