Airing It Out

Image by @cooperbrownleex 

Image by Axel Reichertz 

As we embark on another episode here at Puckfortland we are honored to have our next guest grace the PF Network microphone, Paddy Gross, 26-year BMX veteran pro rider for Colony Bikes and Etnies Shoes. Take a listen to our conversation and keep this in mind as you travel with us on this amazing story. Paddy "Clears the Air" and gives us an up close and personal look at who he is and how he got here! He reminds us what hard work and dedication can bring if you just remember to brush yourself off when you fall and go no fucking hands when you air that shit out! We love you, Paddy! Thanks for sharing your story.                                                                                                    

"Riding a BMX bike made me see most of the world already, brought me many amazing people and it made me who I am. BMX taught me things school never could and kept me away from doing stupid things even if life wasn't easy sometimes. Well life isn't so easy again at this time but riding is letting me forget about hurtful things for a moment and nothing else matters other than me and that little kids bike. I am thankful to still have this passion and love for it after 26 years of riding." -Paddy Gross