1/2 Hour Power Hour

Head Chef Chris DiMinno from Jack Rabbit PDX is back for round two on the Puckfortland Network. We make it quick and easy for you podcast fans with a half-hour power hour. Chris has rolled up his sleeves for 2017. Taking the helm at Portlands newest restaurant Jack Rabbit, working with the amazing people from Chef's Cycle and still finding time to get out and spin out the legs on his bicycle on the weekends. We were lucky to get him back on the show and look forward to what 2017 brings for this truly talented human. Congratulations CD! (not you DiStefano)...

Shout out to our sponsor for 2017 Fully.com providing us with new ergo chairs and laptop roosts.

Musical guest on this episode King Thayo. Based out of Southern Oregon via Trinidad. Check his music out and also his collaborations with Dropscience. Thanks for the support!