Suffer Now or Suffer Later


My next guest needs no introduction! Ok, that's a fucking lie, I'm sure the four regular listeners might know who Dylan Robbins is but for anyone just tuning in Dylan is the marketing manager for The The Sufferfest has grown into a juggernaut of sorts in the last 5 years providing workouts and training tools to become a better cyclist in any segment you accel in. Not to mention a much better cyclist in the areas you definitely suck balls in. With comprehensive workouts for not only cycling the Sufferfest helps you improve your mental toughness as well as physical fortitude with Body and Mind workouts designed to fuck your brain out of lazy town. Yeah, I'm talking to you fatty! 

Sit back on your couch or lazy boy, plug in your headphones and enjoy this next episode of the PF Podcast. I guarantee before this is over you will be downloading these apps to improve not just your riding but your life... you lazy piece of shit.