Glasys - Half Full

GLASYS delivers impassioned vocals, intricate keyboard parts and electronic soundscapes in one package that combines his many musical influences.

This fucking guy! Its rare that I'll say that my next guest is the best podcast we've ever had.... Ok I say that every time. But this time I mean it as much as all those other times. Gil Assays hails from Tel Aviv. I had the luck of running into him out in PDX and I was instantly impressed with this guys skills. He transported me to era of one too many bong hits and the Mahavishnu Orchestra cranked to 11 on my CD Walkman. Pure madness. Glasys fresh approach and intense dedication to his craft is a breath of fresh air for us here on the Puckfortland Podcast. 

Thank you Gil for stopping by and we look forward to the release of your new EP The Pressure. Fans of the PF podcast can check out his video and see him live at The Back Room on Sept 17th at 930pm. He will be performing with Coco Columbia and Rare Diagram.

The Back Room is located on  1036 NE Alberta St in PDX

Go check it out people! Thanks for all the listeners out there in podcast land and go to itunes and subscribe and rate our show. We love you for it! 

#enjoyit #itsnice

Video Credit The Great Abyss

Video directed, shot and edited by John Thompson (Ballooga Media).
Makeup by Keith Abbott.
Featuring Philip Wiseman, Jennifer Wiseman, Gabriella Karp and Daniel Rosen.

Photo Credit Gil Assays Instagram