Spirit House Records

Let me begin by saying I'm sorry not sorry for the audio on this latest Episode of the PF Podcast. My amazing guest Johanna Warren took the time in her crazy schedule leading up to her 2016 Fall Tour to stop over and talk about music, life, spirituality, and how she has Co-Founded Spirit House Records to promote all the amazing music coming out of her label. It was so so cool to sit down in the middle of the day to just be real and get a great perspective on Johanna's strong work ethic and passion to make her's and others art a reality and to do it their way! Kudos JW

Check out Johanna's NEW EP Gemini I and catch her if you can here in PDX! She is truly the future of the PDX music scene and the world as well. Amazing music Johanna thanks again for coming by and letting me fuck up the audio and almost ruin it! The Show Must GO On!