Hello Human

You wanna get High Kid?! Well listen to this next episode of the Puckfortland podcast and you just might get a second hand high through your headphones! Dave G stops by from New Vansterdam dispensaries in Beverton OR. Dave was my pick for the very first guest on the Puckfortland Network and I am so happy to finally have the chance to get him on the show. His knowledge of the Cannabis Culture and Industry is second to none and his calm demeanor kept me from freaking the fuck out after three or four different Dab samples. 

Special thanks to our guest producers who helped with this episode. Sam and Courtney have a brand new show coming up on the PF Network so keep your ears on for that later this month. Sam actually steps in and takes us home this show due to the fact that I needed to go check my-shit and could not speak anymore. So thank you Sam for being such a pro! 

Thank you Dave for all you taught us and we cannot wait to have you come back soon! 

Go check out our NEW Sponsor Urban Float in Vancouver WA and if you get the chance book a tank ASAP!  They have a brand new facility in Vantucky and its out of this world good for you! Trust me,  you will love it as much as I do. Urban Float. 


Enjoy It Its Nice


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