Liquid Gold

Whisky or Whiskey? Here at Puckfortland HQ we don't really mind how you spell it as long as you are pouring it. Andrew Finkelman from The Old Gold here in PDX had the chance to speak with us this week about what he knows best. Andrew is not only the best bartender in Fortland but he is also teaching courses on the subject. Whiskey 101 courses start this September so if you are interested in this and want to sign up I would follow @theoldgoldpdx to stay updated on dates and times. From what we learned tonight they sell out really fast so be diligent. We also learned that Whiskey gets you feeling really good really fast, that's probably why Whiskey is the biggest trend happening around the country and world right now. Listen to Andrew tell stories of horrible customers, terrible tippers, and people trying to walk out on their tabs... and that was just the stories he had about me

Grab a glass, a large ice cube and your favorite Old Gold and join us for another fucking unbelievable episode of the Puckfortland Podcast! Enjoy it! It's Nice

Thanks Andrew! Next round is on me!