Chakra Khan

Thanks to Karen Pride of Yoga Pearl for stopping by the show and for sharing her experiences and connecting us to our physical, emotional, mental. and spiritual levels. We had a really easy conversation about life and what it is like living and thriving in Portland. Karen Pride is at heart a pure hustler. She is owner of Yoga Pearl and Prasad restaurants in both NW and NE Portland as well as her newest venture Harlow located at 3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214.  Her love for a healthy happy lifestyle shines thru as she discusses the importance of following your true self and daring to dream big!  Have a listen and follow your inner voice thats telling you to subscribe to the Puckfortland Podcast. Rate for instant Karma! 

Blessings Karen Pride we enjoyed it! 

Photos by 📷 : @ben_moon