On Your Left

It's difficult to answer which bicycle I would covet more if given the chance to purchase an Original Pereira or an Original Ira Ryan. Prior to Breadwinner exploding on the Portland scene three years ago I spent my afternoons at Vendetta watching bike after bike, commuter after commuter and Hamms with a whiskey back go down N Williams one after another after another after another....  

I would pick them out one by one. Theres a Ryan! Theres a Pereira! and I would think to myself. Who the fuck is Sycip Cycles? Needless to say with all those original builds being a thing of the past and all sold off I now turn my addiction towards the BreadWinner line of custom steel frames. With over 40 years of experiences ( ok maybe 15 combined) these two are creating amazing rides in almost every style needed. Go find out for yourself. Do the research. Learn the history.. Spend 5 years in Portland kissing bike culture ass just to maybe someday...Mabey! Someday get the fucking chance to sit down with two Legends of the PDX cycling illuminati!  

Or ...just sit back, relax and listen up because they are next on the Puckfortland Podcast! #enjoyit #itsnice


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