Meow or Never

You ever have that feeling that you were not alone? That something or someone is watching your every move but not letting on at all? That feeling of complete helplessness of wanting something so much but no matter how many whisps or lips smacks you make ...nothing... nothing will happen? Until that special moment. That moment you, me, us need to get up! Need to start getting shit done!! Need to finally stand up! Get up! And GET GOING!! 

But then you have it. The thing you've  always wanted. That feeling you were craving this entire time...

A cat.... A cat on your lap.  Yeah......the world can wait. 

Big thanks to Sergio and Kristen Castillo for having us into Purringtons for our first ever Cat Lounge Podcast! I am so excited to come visit with all of your magical friends and amazing staff very very soon! and thank you for all you do for our furry friends! Now sink your claws into Episode 20 of the Puckfortland Meowcast! 

Open Tues - Sun 12pm-8pm •3529 NE MLK, Portland, OR 97211

Photo Credit : @romanahamilton from @purringtonscatlounge