At Least Not Where You Think

Long lines for mimosas on a Tuesday... Check. Whiskey or a IPA before getting your hair did... Check. But dig a little deeper and you will find that Portland goes hard in the paint when it comes artisanal community. Enter Banana Stand Media. Banana Stand makes live records and music videos.  With 78 albums and 71 music videos as of October, 2015. They have made records for a lot of great bands, including Radiation City, And And And, The Domestics, Tango Alpha Tango, Modern Kin, 1939 Ensemble, The Woolen Men, and many more...All releases in the Live from the Banana Stand series were recorded before live audiences at there secret house venue (the eponymous Banana Stand). All media is available for pay-what-you-want download on the Banana Stand website. Banana Stand does not charge bands or show attendees. This unique music venue is run by local professionals who dedicate their expertise and time to bring the absolute best live and recorded music available in PDX. Go to Banana Stand Media and purchase all of the offerings today.

Special Thanks to Louie Herr for the hospitality and for bringing us the best music in Fortland! 

*all photos thanks to BSM