The Agnostic Trainer

What's not to be thankful for? A thriving podcast and some of the most amazing people in Portland and NOW around the world! Welcome to Puckfortland's first International Episode "Lucky" Number 13...(Sue Gandley!) Timothy Palmer joins us via Skype from Uruguay to talk shop about his work in the Health and Fitness industry. Lifestyle choices, eating habits and stress level management and how they not only all play a roll in shaping us physically but also how they form our day to day emotions and outlook on life. Tim tells us about his passion for the spiritual and physical and how it has brought him around the world like the fucking rock star he is! So sit back, unbutton those slacks and turn off the football cuz the Puckfortland Podcast is about to go HAM on your Ass! #Enjoyit #itsnice #theagnostictrainer

Thanks Timmy!