Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.32.41 PM.png

MADONNE! I found it! I found the best pizza in Portland! Bold statement? Yeah I know! Well I will let you decide. I met Craig Melillo of Gracies Apizza a few weeks back while the family and I were getting coffee and some biscuits and gravy ( yes I found the best BnG also, more on them later) at Two Stroke Coffee in St Johns. Walking in I couldn't help but notice this cute little red box truck. With its wood burning oven and amazing smells I had to try out the goods. Craig makes pizza, calzones and tasty breakfast dishes that will blow your mind. Hand made dough, fresh ingredients and that quick wood fire bake it is absolutely, hands down, with out a freaking doubt the best thing you can put in your word hole PERIOD! Also he's got a dessert collabo that is un-freakin-believable! Forgetaboutit. 

Check out Gracies online at https://www.graciesapizza.com/ and find him at Gigantic Brewing on the weekends and Two Stroke and Prince Coffee at either of their locations. 

Thanks for being a part of the Puckfortland family Craig and best of luck this summer with all you ventures! We know you are going to be busy AF! Chao! 

Life Savior

Nutcase 4.jpg
Nutcase 1.jpg
Nutcase 2.jpg

Portland Helmet company founder Michael Morrow is our next guest on Puckfortland, Portland's number #2 podcast! We recently reconnected with Michael here in PDX at the Century Bar while watching basketball. To make it clear I was watching basketball and Mike was talking to himself like a crazy person. Turns out he does that. After a few minutes, I finally acknowledge him and well the rest is history! Michael Morrow and I actually go way back having met in the cycling industry at many events and I have always held him and his company in high regards. Nutcase helmets is a sort of Cinderella story in itself. Most hair brain ideas rarely make it off the napkin but Michaels creative persona and passion to succeed did just that. 

Listen to Michael talk about growing up in "The Center of the Universe" and his time as creative director at Nike. How he started with a helmet made in his garage for the Civil War game and how that grew into an international company. Michael give us great advise on following our passion and how to protect your ass. Valuable lessons he has learned along the way on his amazing journey. Thanks for stopping by Michael and l look forward to more basketball games with you soon! Go Blazers! 



Rising the City-PDX

 Photo by @snapshotkyle

Photo by @snapshotkyle

Photo by @shotby_ollin

Photo by @puckfortland 

@godofpdx is RC $pitta also known as Antony from ROSE CITY.  The RC $pitta took some time to talk with us on Puckfortland. His upcoming work, his travel and his efforts to bring the city of  Portland to the next level. We discuss the good bad and the ugly behind the PDX music scene and how he plans to keep staying true and honest about what he's $pittin. 

Also, we talk about basketball. Yeah, basketball! What do you say $pitta? 1 on 1 straight to 15. Winner takes it out? You pick the court I'll pick the place loser buys lunch. I wanna make sure I can afford it...

Thanks, RC $pitta for Episode #53 of the Puckfortland Podcast and you're welcome back anytime. 

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Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.05.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.09.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.35.33 PM.png

Josh Liberles from HiFi Sound Cycling Components and a staple in the Portland OR cycling community joined us on the Puckfortland Podcast to speak at us about what is new and exciting coming from HiFi this year of our "whatever" 2018. If you are not familiar with Hifi wheels they are the BIG little guy here in PDX. Larger companies watch what Josh and his partners are doing with custom builds, logos and partnerships with boutique bike builders and say "Hey that's cool"! Why didn't we pay someone $9.75 hr to think of that?! Non the less we had such a great time talking with Josh and learning more about his background in the industry and where it all started. Thank you Josh for taking the time to share your story about the awesome things HiFi is doing. Sounds great from here. 

Thanks for listening and We Love Ya! Follow us @puckfortland and go to Itunes to subscribe and write a review! It helps a bunch! 



Eighty Six on Fifty One

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.44.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.56.58 PM.png

Freeland Spirits Jill Kuehler and master distiller Molly Troupe spice up the airwaves on episode #51 of the Puckfortland Podcast. We sample their amazing Gin made right here in PDX OR. Jill and Molly discuss their experience starting this company from the ground up and speak about their challenges and inspirations. Most importantly they express the love they put into making such an amazing spirit and the importance of celebrating the little and big things in this life. Family, Friends, Hard Work and Meemaw... It's really that simple. 

Ask for Freeland Spirits wherever you celebrate and enjoy, by far, the best Gin you will ever sink your lips into. 

All the Best Freeland Spirits and don't forget us when you take over the world!! Cheers

Photo Credit: @johnnymet  


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.36.44 PM.png

Our buddy Eilif Knutson from Portland Axe Throwing graced the Puckfortland microphones to catch us up on his amazing adventures. Eilif goes deep into the traditions of throwing hatchets as well as talking about his radical family. From his mothers time being featured in Sports Illustrated for adventure sailing in Norway to his father's wild bad ass inventions, Eilif shares his rich history on the events that led him on his own path to greatness. We cover all the bases on this 50th episode of the Puckfortland Podcast! Also, Fifi took a shit in the studio making this truly Portland's Number 2 Podcast! 

Can't wait to have you back Eilif! 


Check out Eilif on social media @portlandaxethrowing ! 

FiNo Episode 2017


Well, thank you 2017 for being here for another amazing fucking year on The Puckfortland Podcast! And what a better way to close it out than with our old friends Amanda Sundvor, Kyle VonHotzendorf, Kevin Phomma and call in guest Jake Tong. 

What could we possibly talk about in this episode you ask? Well, absolutely everything. From drugs and bikes to Pizza and... bikes... and well a whole bunch of important nothingness. With a crew like this its guaranteed to be magic. Thanks for tuning in for another year of Puckfortland and we look forward to 2018 in a big BIG way! 

Love you!  Oh and donate would ya!!!! 

Runners High "Literally"

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 2.43.53 PM.png
 Donate and help us help you!

Donate and help us help you!

My new man crush Brad Pankey from Portland OR-joins us on the 48 edition of the Puckfortland Podcast. An avid runner and boogie boarder Brad approached PF in hopes to discuss the podcast world and what our experience has taught us over past 3 years. Brad's goal is to start his own podcast concerning cannabis and its places in peoples lives. Brad and I talk in depth about how cannabis, weed, trees, broccoli, Mary Jane, that sticky has become a booming industry here in Portland and the need for a podcast to help explain the nuances and sometimes intimidated questions somebody new to cannabis might have.

We salute you Brad Pankey for not only coming on Portlands number 2 podcast but for talking up the passion for the podcast game. We wish you all the luck and support! Speaking of support please go to Puckfortlands NEW homepage and check out the DONATE button. Help us bring more content to the world and keep Puckfortland on more often. A small donation from all of you amazing listens could make all the difference this 2018. Thank you thank you Thank YOU! 

What did you think this would be free forever?


 Thanks @thewolfsmouth_cycling for use of the PHOTO. 

Thanks @thewolfsmouth_cycling for use of the PHOTO. 

Spoofy is the word I believe Kevin called it... A spoofy Halloween. Kev and I get lit while slamming spicey waters and not answering the door when we hear the trick or treaters knock.  For some reason, I kept thinking this podcast has put out more episodes and keep telling Kev he's like episode 49 on this show. Kev you're  actually episode #47... I think.

Kevin opens up about his life, being a Portland native and getting back into some sort of bike racing. Sometimes you need to just sit down and talk to somebody. I talk to Phomma. Who do you talk to? 

Suffer Now or Suffer Later


My next guest needs no introduction! Ok, that's a fucking lie, I'm sure the four regular listeners might know who Dylan Robbins is but for anyone just tuning in Dylan is the marketing manager for The Sufferfest.com. The Sufferfest has grown into a juggernaut of sorts in the last 5 years providing workouts and training tools to become a better cyclist in any segment you accel in. Not to mention a much better cyclist in the areas you definitely suck balls in. With comprehensive workouts for not only cycling the Sufferfest helps you improve your mental toughness as well as physical fortitude with Body and Mind workouts designed to fuck your brain out of lazy town. Yeah, I'm talking to you fatty! 

Sit back on your couch or lazy boy, plug in your headphones and enjoy this next episode of the PF Podcast. I guarantee before this is over you will be downloading these apps to improve not just your riding but your life... you lazy piece of shit.  

Loud and Clear

Screenshot 2017-09-09 15.17.29.png

Jo Takimba

Heartbeat Sound Systems 

Episode 46 is more of the same.... amazing guest, amazing conversation and all for an amazing way of life. Heartbeat Silent Disco founder Jo Takimba joins us on Puckfortland to tell us about his extremely successful movement w/ Heartbeat Sound Systems. This revolutionary way of experiencing sound, light, and love with your fellow human race without disturbing the old fuddy duddys who just can't stand that "What do you call that? That' that Hip Hop isn't it?"! Whether its an impromptu bridge jam, an Eclipse event with 80k people or your wedding. (Jo lets talk more!) This experience is bar none the best way to bring everyone and everything. together. Look out for the Love Boat silent disco on the Portland Spirit coming up next Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm on Sept the 16th 2017. Purchase your tickets online for a free pair of Heartbeat Sunglasses and have the best silent night/day of your life. Thank you so much, Jo Takimba for helping push Portland

Photo Credit Amarett Jans, Honey_diiip and Heartbeatsoundsystems

Ground Level

John Pic .jpeg

John Fregonese 



Every episode I try to have some of the most interesting and talented people I know in Portland grace the microphones here at the PF Studios. This time it is no different. Puckfortland welcomes John Fregonese bassist from the rhythm and blues band BIG PLANS. John, as well as being an established musician is also a renown urban planner with his firm Fregonese Associates. Big Plans consist of David Siegel on guitar and vocals, Joe Dills on harmonica, and Don White on drums. Along with John, these three guys plan on showing you a great time either on the dance floor or on your walk to New Seasons. This group of planners and band mates can be seen this July 22 at Maher's Irish Brew Pub Go get your Boogie Woogie on and tell them Puckfortland sent you. We will see you then John! Thanks again!    

Ahoy Sailor

Willy Kunkle bassist of the band The Builder's and the Butchers was gracious enough to drop by the Puckfortland studio on the eve of his current world tour. Willy and I talk mostly about what his life is like being a boat Captain and navigating the world chartering amazing sailboats. From the south of Spain to Coos Bay Willy has been around the globe. Now on tour in Europe, his band has just dropped their new album The Spark available on Itunes now! Go check it out. Thanks again Willy! 

Airing It Out

Image by @cooperbrownleex 

Image by Axel Reichertz 

As we embark on another episode here at Puckfortland we are honored to have our next guest grace the PF Network microphone, Paddy Gross, 26-year BMX veteran pro rider for Colony Bikes and Etnies Shoes. Take a listen to our conversation and keep this in mind as you travel with us on this amazing story. Paddy "Clears the Air" and gives us an up close and personal look at who he is and how he got here! He reminds us what hard work and dedication can bring if you just remember to brush yourself off when you fall and go no fucking hands when you air that shit out! We love you, Paddy! Thanks for sharing your story.                                                                                                    

"Riding a BMX bike made me see most of the world already, brought me many amazing people and it made me who I am. BMX taught me things school never could and kept me away from doing stupid things even if life wasn't easy sometimes. Well life isn't so easy again at this time but riding is letting me forget about hurtful things for a moment and nothing else matters other than me and that little kids bike. I am thankful to still have this passion and love for it after 26 years of riding." -Paddy Gross 

Staying Obvious

Friend, professional and all around nice guy Kyle von Hoetzendorff from Portland-based Yonder Journal and Manual for Speed joins us on Episode 40 of the Puckfortland Podcast. Kyle shares with us his experiences traveling the world and what it takes in today's fast-paced media environment to be one of the top bloggers in the game. Thanks Kyle for the funniest hour plus we've heard on the PF Network.

Special shout out to Amanda Sundvor! She made a brief cameo in this episode with some rare archived audio of our show Stoops to be released summer of 2017 so stay tuned in Fortland! And last but not least thank you to our show sponsors Fully.com for the amazing support and making this podcast at least bearable to produce .... still working on that listening part. Enjoy! 

#enjoyit #itsnice 


1/2 Hour Power Hour

Head Chef Chris DiMinno from Jack Rabbit PDX is back for round two on the Puckfortland Network. We make it quick and easy for you podcast fans with a half-hour power hour. Chris has rolled up his sleeves for 2017. Taking the helm at Portlands newest restaurant Jack Rabbit, working with the amazing people from Chef's Cycle and still finding time to get out and spin out the legs on his bicycle on the weekends. We were lucky to get him back on the show and look forward to what 2017 brings for this truly talented human. Congratulations CD! (not you DiStefano)...

Shout out to our sponsor for 2017 Fully.com providing us with new ergo chairs and laptop roosts.

Musical guest on this episode King Thayo. Based out of Southern Oregon via Trinidad. Check his music out and also his collaborations with Dropscience. Thanks for the support!  

Jake Three

Jake Tong with his numerous A.K.A's made his third appearance on Puckfortland recently to catch us up on current events. From Take the Lane to SSCXWCPDX2016 Jake is truly passionate about the people, culture and events surrounding cycling and art here in PDX.  Now stop reading and go listen to Papa Tong on Episode #37 of the Puckfortland Podcast. 

Clink on the link or subscribe to us on Itunes . And as always #enjoyit #itsnice 

Thank you Jake for all your efforts and Happy Freaking Birthday! Come back soon! 





Just Tuite

Quit possibly the most anticipated episode of 2016 "Just Tuite" was long overdue. Tommy Tuite owner operator of Tuite Bicycle Repair in North Portland has been a long time listener and now he is a first time guest. We had the pleasure to talk with Tommy about what it was like making the decision to go all in and open up his very own shop here in PDX. With larger cycling shops closing their doors in Portland and across the country due to outdated business models Tuite Bicycle Shop has been able to carve out a special niche taking repairs and custom wheel building to a unique and personal (some might call it Artisanal) level. His shop is located at 2234 N Lombard in NoPo. Go check him out! You will be glad you did. 

Thanks again Tommy for coming on the podcast! We look forward to seeing you again soon!